I am Michael Evans .


A qualified personal trainer with over 7 years experience.

Prior to personal training I boxed at a high amateur standard for a London boxing club along with international contests for England on four occasions . Also having a brief start to a professional career finishing with an unbeaten record at 5 wins no losses no draws before having to withdraw due to injuries.


I’m extremely passionate and motivated towards all things health and fitness, and I am forever committed to learning and developing my knowledge providing the best service and experience to all clients that I work with.


My approach to training has a strong element towards improving your general health and fitness, coming from a sporting background I understand the importance of this. However strength training has many benefits so overall I would always encourage all clients to get a good balance between the both.  (Foundation).


 All training programs are bespoke and designed to each clients individual goals. You will have the structure, support and guidance from me each step of the way.



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